Few fashion companies have a legacy that originates from two dancers of one of the United States’ most prestigious ballet companies. In 1980, Oakland Ballet Company dancer David Lee and his partner Tricia Kaye fabricated a simple pair of footless knit tights that could be folded at the waist. What they did not realize at that moment is that they were starting a revolution in technical apparel and planting the seed for one of the most advanced fibers in the world today.

In 1983, David and Tricia moved to New York: the dance capital of the world. Their first workspace was a subterranean studio in lower Manhattan where they hand-knitted their collections. Growing demand led them to the Bronx in 1987 to open their first factory, and in 1990 they began using computerized knitting machines allowing for expansion and the development of yarns still in use today.

What was born out of a practical solution has evolved into David’s 40-year long pursuit to develop the best knitwear for fellow dancers with innovative and sustainable materials. Now, KD New York has expanded its premium high-performance knits for motion beyond dance, developing proprietary plant-based fibers that rival animal-based yarns in their luxurious, completely animal-free makeup, handfeel and durability.

Today, KD New York’s yarns are made from the finest fibers and sourced worldwide for their quality. The brand and its subsidiaries are sold in over 200 stores and online globally.

KD Knit Corporation, the parent of KD New York, is a B Corporation dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for environmental sustainability, product and business transparency and employee well-being.

The art of movement, animal welfare and the environment are central to KD New York’s core beliefs. Ten percent (10%) of annual profits are donated to support Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Wolf Conservation Center and The Nature Conservancy.

For more information, visit KDNewYork.com and follow @KDNewYork on Instagram.