KD is moving back...
to the Bronx

KD has identified the ideal location in a new mixed use development in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. Part of a NYC revitalization strategy that positions KD New York as a community asset and regional example for advanced manufacturing.

Woman working on Computer


Partnership with local institutions and training programs

Employment & Worker Ownership

High-quality local jobs and wealth building through shared ownership


Leading the way for innovation in the Bronx

Model for Equitable Economic Development

Community health, wealth, and engagement is a competitive advantage

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KD will drive innovation in a global industry and foster equitable, place-based economic development, working in partnership with the local community to grow opportunity and wealth.

“My vision is that our initiative will help establish the Bronx as leaders in the post-COVID push to reimagine technological knit design, development, and manufacturing with innovations in plant-based fibers, modular and robotic manufacturing, and worker cooperatives with manufacturing partners worldwide aligned with the same values.”

David Lee